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Project Description

  • Island with no cars; secure, with controlled access
  • Underground parking spaces at the entrance to the island
  • Large balconies with glass and aluminium balustrades
  • Electric car delivered with each residence
  • Private swimming pool for villas; on request for houses
  • Private moorings
  • Club House reserved for residents
  • Monitored club for children
  • Ability to harbour super-yachts in deep waters
  • Equipped quays: electricity, water, cable network, sanitary facilities, pumping equipment and service stations
  • Entirely freehold properties
  • Acquisition of Seychelles residency
  • Potential acquisition as a compan

Project Details

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A short distance from the Mahé shore, linked by the arch of a bridge stretching over the waves, Eden Island is home to one of the most prestigious marinas in the world.

Its 56 hectares, including 16 hectares of navigable waterways, are available to you.

Amongst 460 freehold opportunities, take your pick of a dream villa with swimming pool, a spacious house or apartment which suits you.

Do you dream of views over Mahé and its mountains covered with luxuriant forests or far-off horizons of the Indian Ocean set with the gems of Cerf and Sainte Anne Island

Whatever your decision, a private mooring awaits you on the landing stage of your residence.

Set in deep waters, Eden Island can harbour large yachts. At Lodge Hotel, it offers 82 suites to guests and crews.

Eden Island is an outstanding place to reside. Life revolves around the living spaces: ports, squares, beaches, shopping area, which are all accessible by sea.