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Companies are confronted with property considerations and their implications on a daily basis.

As a major item on the profit and loss account, property is also a source of long-term development and strategy.

Property must regularly be attended to and due dates need to be anticipated. However, many organisations, focused as they are on their main line of business, need to be enlightened as to the legal framework and trends in this sector.

TER COGNITA guides companies in implementing their property strategy in the short, middle and long-term.

Attending to due dates and simultaneous leases, growth of the workforce and increase in surface areas, consolidation, negotiation and renegotiation of leases, and seeking out new premises, are the main activities in TER COGNITA’s “Outsourced Property Management”.


TER COGNITA’s experienced associates have already successfully advised many companies, and around 133,000 m2 of head office space has been transferred:

On behalf of investors :

  • Property, legal and financial analyses
  • Seeking out new developments
  • Negotiation or renegotiation of leases
  • Tenant / Owner / Public Institution Relations
  • Hauts-de-Seine General Council (7 500 m²),
  • Control Data (3 500 m²),
  • Girassol (6 000 m²),
  • Gaz de France (22 transactions between 200 and 3.500 m² all over the country),
  • GPS – Grand Optical (5 000 m²),
  • Jaakko Poyry (1 200 m²),
  • Department for Social Affairs (33 500 m²),
  • Montedison-Feruzzi (3 500 m²),
  • Prisma Presse (39 000 m² ),
  • SAP (14 500 m²),
  • Scott Paper – Kimberly Clark (2 500 m²),
  • Unisys (12 000 m²),
  • Volvo (7 500 m²)…