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On the strength of our experience in the Company Property sector, we use strict work methods which provide the basis for our position as favored property consultants amongst large land owners and investors.

Whether it is evaluation or disposal of assets, for each project we use the most suitable marketing tools and work in strict confidence.

We build a partnership with our clients based on advice and trust.

We provide them with a clear objective overview of their assets as well as the tools necessary to optimize them.

Our task is also to seek out building land and buildings to redevelop.

We check the various building possibilities with a precise report on the limitations imposed by diverse town-planning regulations, in relation to the administrative standing of the property, in order to examine the feasibility of the project and thus, to optimize its value.


We then specify the most suitable promotion project, depending on the local development plan, in order to create a program for the development of housing, hotels, retirement homes or offices.

In parallel, we find the professional with the best résumé, suitable for accomplishing the project.


We advise and guide future purchasers in this process, not only in dealing with the sellers but also the administrative authorities, until completion of the sale.

To sum up

On behalf of owners :

  • Evaluation of high-end assets
  • Disposal of assets
  • Seeking out new developments
  • Legal Guidance – Partnership with lawyers and Notaries


On behalf of investors :

  • Asset analysis
  • Evaluation of assets
  • Transfer of assets
  • Seeking out acquisitions for third parties